Best technology, no surprises.

Hire a high-end videoconferencing equipment along with a multi-technology virtual room for meetings of up to 50 attendees and a support service completely in Spanish.

goRooms Windows 4K

Videoconferencing in 4K and with integrated Windows 10

Our Windows 4K equipment is recommended for use in small to medium-sized rooms. Enjoy a terminal with 4K image quality in Hardware as a service mode and benefit from a professional quality terminal based on Windows 10.

goRooms | UP 4K Pro

4K camera with autofocus by facial recognition or audio recognition

Thanks to the implementation of its artificial intelligence software, you can make your video conferences with professional quality with its automatic focus technology by facial recognition or audio, even on the move. Take your corporate videoconferences to another level with the Laia Cute UP 4K Pro camera.

goRooms | TP1

Telepresence PTZ camera for corporate videoconferences

With our goRooms TP1 you will get a FullHD PTZ equipment with 20x optical zoom with which you can connect natively to meetings of Microsoft Skype, Skype for Business and Teams users, web users, traditional equipment and the best MCU Cloud service.