Probably the best collaboration & communication solution: TPaaS for any organisation

Host´s Space Interface

Main Features

Multi-technology service

We link in the same virtual space users from any device and multiple technologies. Traditional video conferencing, Skype and Skype business users, any person with just a web browser, from PC, Mac, or Linux, using our GoFacing software or simply from a phone can join the meeting, with no extras costs.

Pensado para Surface Hub

GoTotal mixes traditional videoconference technologies with Microsoft environment, with just a cloud service, evolving each Surface Hub to a multi-conference collaboration system able to meet with  Cisco, Polycom, Avaya, Huawei, Sony, etc…, in just a click. We link the traditional VC world with Skype, in a safe and immediate way.

We improve investments already done

With GoTotal, each videoconference terminal, evolves to a MCU Multi-tech solution, being able to collaborate with any PC or Mac user: without any installation or extra licenses. sin complicadas instalaciones ni licencias.

Checking these devices it in our platform, we guarantee the security and encryption of all communication, reducing costs of IP´s and firewall problems: and all of these with remote support & guaranteed SLA´s.

Encrypted communications, for each user.

In a transparent way for each user, we apply the last security protocols for each communication: AES 256, AES 128, TLS Certif. and SRTP, H.235, HTTPS TLS, DTLS y SRTMP & Gatekeeper with Firewall Transversal H.460. registration for H323 Systems.

Record & Stream, as you prefer...

GoTotal is compatible with YouTube o Facebook Live in just a click. We also have an optional service – GoRec-, which allows recording and streaming, live or on-demand, from the web client.

Simple and in just a click, everything is managed from our web portal user.

Hosts Web Space

One personal web space, where host plans meetings, send invitations, manage contacts or even has direct access to the recording and streaming tools. The final tool that makes easy use your collaboration space with any one at any time.



Immediate connections, from anywhere in the world and no variable cost per use.


Immediately cost reduction: in communications, maintenance, IT resources…

Complete administration via web: contacts, invitations, agendas, call, hang up, room lock…


Improvement of communication and image: allows you to add extra services, in just a click, to your website/intranet site.

Adapted to any organisation needs, at any time.

For more information, download data sheet.