Meetings with more than 7/15 sites, multi-technology and HD

Your space, a place to meet whenever you want with the best technology.

With Go Facing meet with whoever you want, whenever you need: corporate meetings, with suppliers or customers, trainings or product launches…..where’s the limit? No limits.

GoFacing breaks down propietarie technological barries, usage limitations, additional costs or pay as you use.

Just the savings in travelling costs of 7/15 atendees to one meeting, would have covered the annual fee.

Messaging, recording, streaming, Outlook integration….everything, with just one "click".

GOFacing offers a multi-platfomr messaging tool: users connecting by Lync – Skype for Business-, Skype or via web, will have unified messaging amongst them.

GoFacing integrates with platforms such as YouTube, where you can create a public or private channel, HD, for its life broadcasting or on demand.

Choose GoFacing for your meetings


Manage via web atendees: call them, connect, disconnect, mute, meeting room reservation, statistics,…


Drastic cost reductions in investments
such as IT, time and HR as well.


Improve internal and external communication as well coprporate image.


Connect in an inmediate and easy way to remote employees.

Reduce time in decision taking and improve team work.


Cloud service, available as well “on-site”.

Download now the product sheet if you need more information or software.

Download GoFacer PC, Mac, Linux, iOS y Android. Plug-In for Outlook: Send invitations from calendar

Plan and access your meetings using Outlook.

GoTeam is integrated with Outlook*: this way, you will be able to send easy invitations, see who is accepting integrating and reserving it inmediatly on their agendas.

User friendly making it a perfect experience from the beginning, both for administrator and for atendees.

*: requiere instalación Plug-In GoFacer para Outlook.






Uso/Mes 24x7 24x7 24x7 24x7 24x7
Duracion de reuniones Ilimitado Ilimitado Ilimitado Ilimitado Ilimitado
Usuarios Simultáneos/Sala 9 15 15 10 200
+ Caracterisitcas de Video
Video HD x x x
Voz HD x x x x
Activacion por voz x x x
Vision exclusiva de Ponentes x
Gestion de usuarios x x x x x
+ Tecnologias Compatibles
Acceso con equipos de Telepresencia: Cisco, Polycom, Avaya, LifeSize, Huawei, etc… x x x x x
Acceso con Navegador Web x x x x x
Compatible con SIP x x x x x
Compatible con Skype x x x x x
Compatible con Skype Empresarial/Lync x x x x x
App iOS/Android x x x x x
Acceso Telefónico x x x x x
Software GoFacer, para Mac, Windows, Linux x x x x x
+ Herramientas Avanzadas y de Colaboración
Mensajeria Multitecnologia x x x x
Comparticion de datos x x x x x
Plug-In Outlook (W7, 8 y 10) x x x x x
Administrador avanzado: llamar, colgar, mute, etc… x x x x x
Identificación Usuarios x x x x x
Reuniones programadas e instantáneas x x x x x
Grabación Sesiones en YouTube/Wowza, etc… x x x x x
Compartición datos desde iOS/Android x x x x x
Soporte Profesional x x x x x
+ Seguridad
Acceso portal seguro HTTPS x x x x x
Encriptacion SSL x x x x x
Encriptacion AES 256 bits x x x x x
+ Integración
Acceso "click to Call" web/Intranets x x x x x
Eleccion personalizada ID x x x x x
Directorio corporativo Microsoft x x
Implantación "On Premise" x x x
Branding corporativo: incluye dominio dedicado, certificados, portal de acceso y mucho mas. OPC