Make presentations to hundreds of sites as being there: all in Virtual Auditorium


A Virtual Auditorium with the very best technology and no sites limitations.

With GoAuditorium anyone can make presentations or classes with unlimited number of assistants: no expensive deployments, transport or logistics costs: with just a PC/Mac or VC room System, in a “click” with Full HD quality.

The limit? No limits: with GoAuditorium, a new era on the group communication, has arrived.

Total collaboration: Messaging, recording and streaming,….everything, with just one "click".

GoAuditorium provides a multi-tech platform messaging tool, where all users connected by Skype for Business, Skype or via web browser, will have unified messaging tool amongst them. Specially useful to ask doubts or special questions to speaker during presentations.   

GoFacing integrates with platforms such as YouTube, where you can create a public or private HD channel, for life or on demand streaming, record the event, etc…

Choose GoFacing for your meetings.


Manage via web attendees: call them, connect, disconnect, mute, meeting room reservation, statistics,…


Drastic cost reductions in investments such as IT, time and HR as well.


Improve internal and external communication as well corporate image.


Connect in an immediate and easy way, to remote employees, suppliers or customers.

Reduce time in decision taking, while improve your team work and life balance.


Cloud service, available as well “on-site”.

Download the product sheet and ask us for a demo.

Download GoFacer PC, Mac, Linux, iOS y Android. Plug-In for Outlook: Send invitations from calendar

Plan and access your meetings using Outlook.

GoAuditorium integrates with Outlook*: this way, you will be able to send easy invitations, see who is accepting integrating and reserving it immediately on their agendas.    

User friendly, making it a perfect experience from the beginning, both for administrator and for attendees/guests.

*: Requires GoFacer Outlook Plug-in installation.