Personalized scalability

GoFacing offers each organization the exact size of meeting room needed: from 5 users up to hundreds of users. Without minimum time commitment, without investing in equipments or IT resources. All the Telepresence advantages, in cloud and adapted at each moment to your needs.

Go Facing is freedome of choice.

Multi-manufacturer interoperability

GoFacing, anybody can connect in High Definition from traditional videoconference equiments – Cisco, Polycom, Sony. LifeSize or Radivison amongst others- or from their Mycrosft Lync®, Skype® users, or just from any web browser. Go-Facing connects all of them, in a virtual meeting room in an inmediate way.

GoFacing is easy and universal.

Cloud multiconference.

With GoFacing you can have multisite meetings, from anydevice, anywhere at anytime. Meetings wtih 5 users/sites up to unlimited, internal or with external users, with no limitations on usage, software proprietor or restrictions. You will have virtual meeting rooms 24 x 7 x 365, in High Definition.

GoFacing is useful technology.

Total Mobility

To increase its work quality, communications and collaboration whilst reducing timings and costs, is a need in any organization. In order to achieve that, GoFacing allows users to be able to connect from any device- PC, Mac, Android or iOS- from anywhere, without barriers.

GoFacing is mobility.

How does GoFacing work?

GoFacing is the simplest and most dynamic Videoconference HD-VCaas service.

Any organization can set up GoFacing inmediatly.

Use your virtual meeting rooms -VMR´s- whenever you want, wherever you wish and with whoever you desire…… with no users and time limits, without extra cost. You will have your meeting rooms available 24 hours/day 365 days/year.

As easy as defining the number of maximum users, the name of the meeting room and….ready!! You will be able to have int he same virtual meeting all the users you wish to, whether from traditional videoconference equipment, Microsoft Lync® users, Skype® or just PC/Mac/Linux, Tablet or even VoIP web browser.

Why GoFacing?

Any organization should consider the need to introduce GoFacing

as a communication tool that helps, amongst other things to:


Due to permanent technological innovation

You will enjoy the lastest tecnologies, right away, without surprises or additional costs.


Allows users administration via web or App:

connect, disconnect, mute, type of view, etc… It has never been so easy to communicate from anywhere.


Enjoy GoFacing on premise

on your own infraestructure/servers, if you want and in Service mode.


Connect in a easy way

to mobile employees, resulting in important cost reductions.


Allows to dedicate resources and time to new projects.

Improves internal communication and external with suppliers and even with customers.


Increase work flexibility and agility

Reduces decision making timings and improves team-work


Mejora la comunicación interna

Con proveedores e incluso con clientes.


Reduce costs drastically

In IT investment, as well as time and human resources


Adjust resources to the needs at every moment

extreme flexibility for your business.

No more need to make huge investments in solutions with annual renewal*.


To guarantee perfect coverage, GoFacing has its technology distributed in all 5 continets under the strictest access and security policies.

Our service includes various security policies such as active directory integration, role authentication or STP/SNMP. Access to the room is based on PIN access -Host-, being impossible to start it without at least one host on the VMR, being able to block users or access restriction tool at host decission. Communications are encripted under TLS security protocol.



To access the service, you must have -or have been invited to- a virtual meeting room.
If you do not have a GoFacing meeting room, hire one.

If you want to access via a Web browser, go to “MyGofacing“, introduce your name, PIN -if necessary- and meeting room , and ….you are ready!!!. As simple as that.

To access via Microsoft Lync or Skype, just add to your contact list the name of the meeting room and call your contact: simple and set for future calls.

To access via traditional room equipment, oyu can call or can be called to: you have more access information in the FAQs section.